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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Be the bunny...

It’s a bright, calm day again. On the way in from my run this morning I was thinking about the little rain so far this fall and the dim prospects for winter snow. My thoughts are reminiscent of the rather prescient “drought” premise of the Greg Kotis musical Urinetown we saw staged last night at the university. It was as dull as most musicals, though the song “Don’t be the Bunny,” was hilarious. The performance was enlivened by spirited dancing and a good cast, but the conceit is even more politically relevant than when it opened in 2001. The theme is the rapacious “privatization” of public services. It reminded me of this picture from a batch of California-fire photos my daughter Megan sent. Like this little rabbit, the American public is now rightly fleeing the corrupt and destructive distribution of public funds to "contractors" favored by Republicans, the administration, and the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. It can't happen too fast...


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