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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


For the first time this century I felt exhilirated by the political prospects in America. Voting yesterday ended the rapacious and mendacious Republican enterprise that's paralyzed and impoverished the country, not to mention defaming and dishonoring our history. I hope this Democratic success heralds the demise of the reaction and intolerance that's masqueraded as "conservative" for decades. Too bad we have to endure two more years of incompetence and ignorance from the White House...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100000%, if that is possible. Well stated John. The loss of clean air, the many deaths piling up from this unelected administration and the waste of billions that could have been used to transform entire societies to a better life; health care, green technology, stem cell research, the list of wasted time just goes on and on.

In a recent interview Jimmy Carter was asked if the Carter Center would monitor USA elections....he chuckled...and explained carefully that the USA system does not meet the guidelines for free/open/fair election polling established by the Carter Center. Remember 2004: Ohio had 90,000 "spoiled ballots", from "poor" areas of the state, and without Ohio Bush would have been cutting brush in Crawford. The odd thing in Ohio like FL, was the certifier of the election results was a Bush republican (and Bush won Ohio by 85,000 votes).


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