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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Nothing recedes like success."

That's a quote from Walter Winchell, the original gossip columnist. It's relevant to Tiger Wood's adultery-saga. Life runs through--because it emerges from--women. Men are acutely--even though mostly intuitively--aware that they therefore make a merely momentary contribution to the course of life. That moment defines a man's place in the biological process which ends, for each of us, in death. In other words, sex is more significant to a man's existence. Sex both guarantees human continuity and reveals the end. It's like a contest. Each time you play, you face losing. Every win recedes immediately into the past and you're faced the next time with the same prospect: you have everything to lose. Every man recognizes that everything is at stake for him in the moment. Only a few men have the nerve to confront this moment constantly. Most of us hedge the existential threat by locating ourselves in institutions--academies, corporations, families--which foster the illusion that our efforts abide and that therefore our lives will continue. The athlete--like the politician--is prepared to stake everything on the effort of the moment. It's a kind of heroism. That's why we like to watch it. And that's also why moments--like the expression of desire and arousal--can seem more important than all the institutional obligations and duties which you have accumulated in the vague social world. I say "vague" because, after all, it will disappear more or less instantaneously with my death. I saw an old video-clip recently from an interview with one of the women Woods was fucking. She is the widow of a man who was killed in one of the Towers on 9/11. In the interview she said, "I didn't kiss him goodbye, because I'd just put on my lipstick."...


Anonymous Ed said...

Of course there is the other dimension to male sexuality besides seeking moments of immortality....Sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive. Each males can produce 13,000,000,000,000 sperm in their life, so nature seems to impose an urge to "spread it around", even if this spreading is in fantasy (e.g. Playboy Magazine viewing, etc). While for women, they only make 40,000 ocytes at birth, and since each mating episode has the potential to produce a very rare and special event, i.e. progeny, they must be very very selective in mate selection. And if females genes are "smart" in seeking progeny sucess they will gamble with their urge for selective mating with alpha money males even if the males is of limited phenotypical expression (i.e. bad looking). Sort of money trumpts looks strategy, and that is why there was so much negativity towards TW; other males privately envy him, since they wish they had enough money to trump their limited appearance, and women always wish they still had enough youth to trade up from the males they invested in.

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