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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 27

Last Friday was the first day of summer. It was also Day 27 since my injury and the day I got back on the bike. Well, the trike, to be more exact. I'm renting the tricycle recumbent pictured--a German Kettwiesel Hase--from the head mechanic at my LBS, the Hostel Shoppe. Jane took the picture on the riverfront path by the Clark Street bridge. The unit is heavy, slow, and--I've found--a bit boring to ride, but not as much as my indoor trainer. Once I'm off the crutches in a week or two, I'm looking forward to getting back on two wheels. For now, I can enjoy the sunshine and variety of road-riding even though I can average only 10-12mph. Even Jane found, after the first day, that she couldn't stand dawdling along at that pace, so now she heads off on her own workout by the time we're up on Old Wausau Road or so. Sunday we rejoined for dinner at the Hilltop--because I can grope my way onto the deck via railings and tables--so I can still enjoy some of the benefits of biking together. Thanks to everyone who's sent expressions of sympathy and support. I'm slowly catching up on replies to each of you...


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