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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Better days...

That's the ascent to the peak of Mt Ventoux you see behind me. Yep, that's me. The day before I fell in Gordes, just to the southeast, I reached the peak--1909 meters or 6472ft--with Harry Duval, who took this shot. I confess that, after the 2hr climb, I had just enough strength to hoist my bike in triumph. I rode easy on the 25km descent to Malaucene--which still took only 20 minutes!--treating it as a dangerous stage of the day's biking. Little did I know what awaited me the next afternoon, when my rear wheel slipped into a crack no bigger than my thumb and put me in the hospital with the fractured femur. The good news is, the bone is healing well, supporting about 60% of my weight now. Do accidents happen when you least expect them? Of course. Should we live every moment as if it were our last? We all do that anyway...


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