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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well, friends. it's not going to be as easy as I'd imagined to update you here. Net access aboard this ship, the guided missle destroyer (which carries missles, rather than destroying them) USS Cole (DDG-67). For all its costs, the DoD lags woefully in equipping its minions with computers. So, no pictures to speak of, despite lots to show you. I'll have to post a BIG file when I'm ashore again in the U.S. We left Norfolk VA Naval Station this morning and are some 100mi E now, joining a group of five other ships enroute to Scotland and Ireland, engaging in "Neptune Warrior" battle drills in between. The ship is 9000 tons, 502ft, with 270 crew and 20 officers, complemented by about 50 "riders" like me. I'm the only teacher aboard, however. There's just one small "Training Classroom" that barely holds 15, so I'll have a bunch of sections and be meeting the classes 4-6hrs/day for the next 6wks. I'm teaching Intro to Phil and World Religions, the latter as history and philosophy of religion, rather than comparative. I enjoy the opportunity to undermne the conventional beliefs of so many young people. Send me your comments and questions. My email onboard:
more soon...jb


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