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Sunday, September 02, 2007


I'm assured by my driver when I arrive that the Norfolk Naval Station--"NAVSTA"--is "the largest in the world." A sprawling mix of faux-colonial brick buildings and peeling warehouses, its laid out with a sense of unlimited space worthy of Montana. I'm housed in the "BOQ" until I go aboard the USS Cole tomorrow. Meanwhile I'm whiling away this desolate weekend writing my course outlines and checking out the standard-issue downtown. The most amusing feature of the base is the elevated ductwork carrying steam and utilities; shades of Terry Gilliam's 1986 Brazil. See it if you want a prescient glimpse of a possible surveillance-friendly future.
The feeble wi-fi connection won't let me upload any more photos. Sorry. I'm going to the pool for a swim workout. It's a 20min walk...


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