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Friday, December 04, 2009

Aging well

Almost every move is more deliberate now. I have to remind myself not to hold my breath against the effort or strain as I rise, reach, or bend. I regularly wonder what new limitations will appear, if I survive many more years. All this is true though I'm in excellent condition, still work out twice each day for a hour or more, and take no medications, save for the supplements glucosamine, calcium, and vitamin D. I've now been 28 months without an upper respiratory infection like a cold, or any other ailment (unless you count my knee replacement a year ago). My resting heartrate is 39 still, even though my aerobic zone is now only between 100 - 130bpm. So I'm in a tiny percentile of folks aging well, not because I'm not aging--as the above symptoms illustrate--but because I'm well. Which is to say, I stay fit. Of course, mental acuity is an ingredient in fitness, as well. I'll write about that next time. As for physical fitness, I'm aiming for "compressed morbidity", which means achieving the shortest possible period of debility prior to death. Ideally, like a friend of mine a few years ago, I'll fall from my bike on a Sunday morning breakfast ride and be dead when I hit the road. If you want the same for yourself, get out while you can...


Blogger John Miller said...


You're a fit bugger. Like the mad bastard of American triathlons, Don Ardell.

39 resting heart rate. Very good.

Catch you in Stevens Point next July.

John Miller

11:48 PM  
Blogger DR JOHN BAILIFF said...

Thanx John. Look fwd to seeing you at NWI. cheers...jb

8:01 PM  

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